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How does it work?

With advancement in technology, we are now able to clean the vents and ducts through your entire home through only a couple of access points. This saves time and money, allowing for a seamless experience.

the technology

We use the most complete air washing system on the market, allowing for an easy and efficient cleaning of residential and commercial ducts, as well as dryer vent cleaning.


  • An upright dual-motor portable vacuum generating 5000 CFM of negative pressure.


  • An air vent cleaning tool attached to a gas powered air compressor creating up to 300 PSI air pressure.


  • A forward and reverse flexible brushes with whips.

Relaxing at Home
Relaxing at Home

the benefits

This machinery allows us to more thoroughly clean your homes air pathways in a shorter amount of time; which means your ducts will get a premium cleaning with a budget friendly cost.

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